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For those who have forgotten, this is what Silver meant by the boulder.

While brainstorming ideas for Power Rings, Kamal and I decided that the idea of Silver and Lara-Su dating as we had previously joked about was an idea that we wanted to do more with. And I think you’ll all be pleased with the results.

In game related news, the latest issue of Nintendo Power has about 5 pages devoted to a preview of Sonic and the Secret Rings for the Wii. Some of it was information we already knew, like how the controls work, but there was some new information. First of all, the main villain is a Majin Buu lookalike named the Erazor Djin. Second, Sonic is assisted by a genie named Sahara. Third, the main characters from the Sonicverse do appear in the game, but not as themselves. They appear as characters from 1001 Arabian Nights. So far, we know Knuckles is Sinbad, Tails is Ali Baba, and Eggman is the king of Persia.

Oh, this is going to be interesting.

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