Crossposted from Tumblr

Crossposted from Tumblr

Hello from Kamal. No, I didn’t fall off the island.

Ever since the comic went on hiatus, your unfriendly web admin G30FF has been trying to keep all manner of bots and hackers from trying to brute force their way into the WordPress back end. Pretty much constantly. And just recently someone almost made it.

So what’s going to happen moving forward is I’m going to be migrating all the content from here over to a new blog on Tumblr. Once everything is reuploaded, the old site will either be locked down entirely or wiped. Fun!

To try and make things at least a little more interesting, I’ll share what I can about more behind-the-scenes shenanigans concerning each comic or updated commentary, or both. Plus the usual Tumblr reblogging of fandom posts.

All in all, I hope we can have a little more fun with the franchise that arguably had the biggest, longest lasting effect on my life and just won’t dislodge itself from my nostalgia, no matter how much I tried. Hence the INFINITY subtitle.

So you don’t miss it

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