Priorities, Man, Priorities!

Priorities, Man, Priorities!

Sorry, for the big spoiler in panel 3, but when I saw this post on the forum about events in #223, my soul died a little bit more.

Another chara’s pointless death happens off-panel for no good reason and #225 is teasing yet another. I’m at my limit. And how long is “a while” for Geoffrey? Hershey was at Bunnie’s wedding and she and Antoine can’t have been married for more than a month—two, tops.


I do have some positive news. The tentacles of Power Rings are reaching out and wrapping around more of your intertubes. We’ve just opened our official fan page on Facebook to share snippets of Sonic news we find and somehow—I don’t know how he types without fingers—our Lennie has started tweeting his innermost…I’m gonna say thoughts. Won’t you please be our internet friends?

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