Cast & Credits

Sonic the Hedgehog

A.K.A. the Blue Balled

For the love of God, why can’t I STOP?

The hero of Mobius, Sonic the Hedgehog is loved by most and disliked by a lot more. Robotisized, lost in space, frozen in ice, Sonic’s done it all and then some. Very arrogant and prone to occasional wit, Sonic will meet most challenges head-on. A self-proclaimed ladies man, Sonic has several admirers, but his lack of initiative on his romantic life is the ire of many.

Sprite sheet credits go to: Sonic 2 — Yawackhary; Sonic 3 — Bonzai XX2; Advance 1, 2 — Daniel Sidney; Advance 3 — Ren Ramos, Dave (Hypero) Edwards; Battle — Nate the Hedgehog

Sally Acorn

A.K.A. the Master Planner

What are you talk—Sweet Merciful Aurora!

She has degraded over the years from a confident, competent ruler figure into a whiny, possessive bitch. Sally, while still a capable ruler, has become somewhat cold and callous to her friends and longs for the simpler times of the old Freedom Fighters. She’s a calculating figure, and refuses to get into a situation without coming up with a plan to resolve it. She also finds herself the center of attention of a good deal of males, but she still holds out hope on Sonic getting over himself.

Sprite sheet credits go to: Gear the Rabbit

Tails Prower

A.K.A. Sonic’s “Best” Buddy

The size of your ego astounds me…

Tails is the deviant of the Sonicverse. He has been bi-curious, a transvestite, just plain cruel, just plain rude, and drunk. Tails is Sonic’s best friend and spends a good deal of time with his hedgehog hero despite how stupid he may sometimes feel Sonic is. Tails is mischievous, tricky, and a technical genius.

Sprite sheet credits go to: Sonic 2 — Yawackhary; Advance 1, 2 — Daniel Sidney; Advance 3 — Dave (Hypero) Edwards

Bunnie DeCoolette

A.K.A. Buns of Steel

I’ll be done when I’m done. Now, get!

Bunnie is half robot-half Mobian, and all sass. Sally’s best friend and Antoine’s wife, Bunnie tends to be a voice of reason among the cast and is tolerant of others’ behavior to a point. Bunnie has access to massive levels of strength, but uses it as a last resort, unless Antoine is involved. Then, restraint is the last thing on her mind.

Sprite sheet credits go to: Gear the Rabbit

Amy Rose

A.K.A. the Rascal

Abraca- smashyour- ballsin!

Sonic’s ultimate fangirl. It sometimes seems that Amy’s sole motivation in life is to someday make Sonic hers, a mission that Sonic does not look upon kindly. Amy does not take kindly to fanboys of hers, though, and is quick to deliver a well-placed hammer shot to anyone who ticks her off in the slightest. Amy is very goal-oriented, and often expresses a one track mind when she sees something she wants. But that doesn’t prevent her fangirlish tendencies from surfacing.

Sprite sheet credits go to: Advance 1, 2 — Daniel Sidney; Advance 3 — Ren Ramos; Rush — ShadowTails

Cream Rabbit

A.K.A. Barely Legal

Isn’t it great? What do you think?

Cream the Rabbit is a nuisance. While she may appear evil to some, she places herself in the good guy camp. However she refuses to suffer fools, and is quick to sic her pet chao Cheese on any she feels deserving of having their internal organs made external. Cream exudes a cute and bubbly air to those around her, and puts people at ease until they find out what she’s just done.

Sprite sheet credits go to: Advance 2 — Daniel Sidney; Advance 3 — Ren Ramos

Vanilla Rabbit

A.K.A. MILF-tastic

You’d make a fine addition to the family.

In all of Mobius, there is no more kind, doting mother than Vanilla. Loved by her daughter, Vanilla is in many ways the ideal mother. In others, she’s more of a Stepford Wife. She never lets Cream (or any of her potential suitors) forget that she wants grandchildren, and can be very… insistent when she wants something. Those who know her know not to cross her or her family, and just enjoy a nice cookie.

Sprite sheet credits go to: Advance 2 — Mr. O.M.A.


A.K.A. User Friendly

Please, Master! Let me be of service to you!

Once Sally’s portable computer and now a holographic lynx, Nicole has the intellect of a supercomputer and the messed up emotions of her owner. Nicole’s newfound physical form is still a mystery to her, and she’s still adjusting to having a body and interacting socially with the other Freedom Fighters. She harbors a deep attraction to Sonic that seems to come from having a copy of Sally’s emotions driving her own, but unlike Sally she’s capable of more underhanded methods of sneaking some time with him, like bugging the hedgehog’s room.

Sprite sheet credits go to: Gear the Rabbit

Knuckles the Echidna

A.K.A. Father of the Year

Well, can I help it if I’m so lovable?

The guardian of Angel Island with a family everyone loves to hate. Knuckles belongs to a long line of guardians who have protected the Floating Island’s Chaos Emeralds from evil, and yet somehow Robotnik seems to put the island in danger every other week. Not the brightest tool in the shed, Knuckles prefers to settle things with his fists rather than his wits, and this puts him in conflict with Sonic, who suffers a similar case of pigheadedness.

Sprite sheet credits go to: Advance 1, 2 — Daniel Sidney; Advance 3 — Angnix, Ren Ramos


A.K.A. Pacifistically Challenged

You’re not getting me to sleep in a bush with no indoor plumbing!

A former Dark Legionnaire, Julie-Su is Knuckles’ current girlfriend. She shares some of Knuckles’ likes, including senseless violence, but sometimes finds the guardian’s eccentric behavior frustrating. Julie-Su is not afraid to hold her tongue in any situation, but is a firm believer in the idea that actions speak louder than words.

Sprite sheet credits go to: Gear the Rabbit


A.K.A. the Future Guardian

Five seconds of this and I’m bored as hell!

Knuckles and Julie-Su’s daughter from the future, Lara-Su is still trying to adjust to life in the past. Lara-Su has a bit of a bitchy streak, and is more than willing to speak her mind whenever someone bothers her, and when words fail she’s not above using force. She finds it difficult to make friends in the past, but seems to have the best relationship with her “mother” Julie-Su. She just creeps Knuckles out though, especially when Sonic tries to get him to admit that she’s hot.

Sprite sheet credits go to: Gear the Rabbit

Vector, Espio, Mighty, and Charmy

A.K.A. the Other Dicks

We just heard there’d be free food later.

A gang of bumbling detectives, The Chaotix is Knuckles’ personal band of groupies. The group is almost always seen together. Vector, the leader, sees the world in terms of dollars and cents. He’ll whore the team out to the highest bidder in any situation, whether or not they’re capable of handling the task or not. Charmy is the flyer of the group, and is also the most obnoxious. He truly acts his age, which says enough about him already. Mighty, the muscle, is strong and pig-headed, but also one of the more reasonable members. He’s usually one of the first to point out when an idea is stupid, but he is rarely taken seriously due to Espio bringing Mighty’s sexuality into question. Espio, the stealth, is a ninja, and likes to put on an air of mystery that fails more often than not, especially when it means making a crack at Mighty’s expense.

Sprite sheet credits go to: Vector, Espio, Charmy — Zach “Zin” Furr; Mighty — Dante-stein

Shadow the Hedgehog

A.K.A. Emo Hog

I promise you…

Shadow is the epitome of an angsty marketing gimmick. Sonic’s rival and in many ways better, Shadow shares many personality traits in common with Sonic, but also has a darker streak to him that makes him more prone to violence and petty revenge. Shadow is also prone to obsessive behavior, as illustrated by his refusal to let go of the memory of Maria Kintobor and his recent fascination with heavy artillery.

Sprite sheet credits go to: Shadow333, Domenico


A.K.A. Destroyer of Worlds

Sweet! I get to be the saviour of Mobius!

When Lara-Su tried to make Shadow female in order to teach him a lesson about how to treat women, his female counterpart turned out to be even more evil than his original, and nearly destroyed the world. So when Lara-Su changed Shadow back to normal, she forgot to get rid of the female version. Female Shadow shares many personality traits in common with the Male Shadow, but seems to be more sarcastic and capable of greater feats of evil as opposed to her anti-hero “brother”.

Sprite sheet credits go to: Kamal the Echidna

Rouge the Bat

A.K.A. Dangerous Curves

Ohh…did I touch a nerve?

The resident female stereotype of the Sonicverse, Rouge is often portrayed as a busty slutty airhead. This is only partly true. Rouge is manipulative and sneaky, and will resort to any underhanded tricks to get what she wants when she wants it. She has not shown any real allegiance to any one side, and appears willing to work for whoever can offer her the most money or the biggest jewels.

Sprite sheet credits go to: Daniel Sidney, Hyper, Zig Sonar

Blaze the Cat

A.K.A. the Yaoi Fangirl

If I think about it, I probably created myself!

An enigma from 200 years in the future, Blaze is the guardian of the Sol Emeralds, mystical gems that appear to be parallels of the Chaos Emeralds. Blaze met Sonic when Eggman Nega, the evil despot of her time, attempted to create a time paradox and unmake the world, and from him she learned to trust people. However, Blaze cannot completely shake her old ways, especially when it comes to Silver. Blaze is gruff and callous at first, but has a soft side she tries to keep hidden. Silver the Hedgehog, also from her time, is like her little brother, and she treats him as such. The instant he does something stupid, she brings the hurt.

Sprite sheet credits go to: Rush — ShadowTails

Silver Hedgehog

A.K.A. Squid Head

Can’t I do something to calm down? Like kill myself?

Silver is his time’s equivalent of Sonic: a fearless, powerful, skilled, and charismatic fighter. He’s also an immature lecher, whose mannerisms betray his youth and inexperience. Silver’s personality is similar to Sonic’s but not tempered by experience or restraint; Silver tends to act the instant he thinks something is a good idea, and that tends to get him in trouble with many people, especially Blaze, who is like an older sister to him.

Sprite sheet credits go to: Gear the Rabbit

Dr. Julian “Ivo ‘Eggman’ Robotnik” Kintobor

A.K.A. Doctor Robotnik

Do you know what I call that? Genius!

If this is the worst villain Mobius has to offer, the world isn’t really that bad off. Dr. Robotnik betrayed his own people, then betrayed the other side, and grasped power, using stolen technology to enslave most of the population. And yet he seems to constantly be bested by Sonic the Hedgehog and the Knothole Freedom Fighters. Robotnik never loses his cool, though, and maintains his evil image no matter how badly his schemes fall apart around him. Impulsive and reckless, Robotnik will seize any opportunity to cause trouble.

Sprite sheet credits go to: Cohga

Metal Sonic

A.K.A. Metallix

I told you, I’m Iron Man!

Metal Sonic is evil, plain and simple. After being rebuilt by Tails as part of a scheme to teach Sonic humility, he temporarily believed he was in fact Sonic. After Sonic inadvertently returned him to his senses, Metal rejoined his original creator, ready to bring down Knothole, but considering who he works for his words fell on deaf ears. Metal deeply resents Dr. Robotnik, and secretly wishes for the day when he can usurp his master’s rule and finally conquer Mobius. Metal is dark, cruel, and merciless, and will not put up with anyone’s crap.

Sprite sheet credits go to: Tallgeese IIII, CyberShadow

Scourge the Hedgehog, AntiSonic

A.K.A. Bizzaro Sonic

You could have warned me you don’t have seatbelts!

Scourge is in reality Sonic himself from an alternate universe, given a green makeover by exposure to the Master Emerald. Scourge currently works for Dr. Finitevus and the Destructix, though he resents being stuck with them and what he calls their “sausage fest”. Scourge is just like Sonic, from attitude to personality traits. The only thing that truly sets him apart from his blue counterpart is the complete lack of a moral compass. It is because of this that Scourge seems to have an on-again-off-again relationship with Amy Rose, and nobody can tell if she’s just replacing Sonic with Scourge or whether there is genuine interest in him. However, Scourge doesn’t really seem to care as long as he can get some.

Sprite sheet credits go to: Gear the Rabbit

Kamal the Echidna

A.K.A. the One to Blame

I oughta turn you into a washing machine…

A former student at the University of Echidnopolis. A pretentious echidna, he went on a journey of personal improvement across Eastern Mobius. But when he returned, he just wound up as more of a prick than he started. He was expelled as a result, and wound up sharing an underground area of the Floating Island with three others. Kamal can be expected to respond to any situation in a rude and sarcastic manner, and carries a dry wit around him that is the ire of those near him.

Sprite sheet credits go to: Gear the Rabbit

G30FF the Gizoid and Blue Jay Hologram

A.K.A. the Gizoid Turkey

You’re lucky I’m not wearing my flamethrower.

Purchased from a Pepsi Points catalogue, G30FF is a shape altering robot with an attitude problem. He spends a good deal of his time writing angry letters, and ranting to anyone who will listen. He enjoys gadgets, both collecting and assembling them, and builds much of his own equipment and machines. G30FF is one of the most volatile of the authors, and is quick to vent his anger on deserving idiots. He has a short fuse and will respond to most stimulus with snark and sarcasm. Recently gained a holographic bird body.

Sprite sheet credits go to: G30FF, Gear the Rabbit

Gear the Rabbit

A.K.A. the Work Escape Artist

You’re right. Five’s his limit.

A disgruntled mechanic, Gear was hired by the Brotherhood of Haven to maintain the computer and mechanical systems on the Floating Island. Unfortunately, he is rather lazy and has yet to do any real work. Gear carries a Chao named Shift around with him. Gear is lazy more than anything else. He’ll always find the path of least resistance in any situation, unless it involves revenge or something that will amuse him in the end.

Sprite sheet credits go to: Gear the Rabbit

Tennah the Ninja Fox

A.K.A. Stealth in Pink

This was YOUR idea!!

Tennah is a female ninja in training, but her bubbly and cheerful personality has never gone over well with her masters. Finally they just sent her away on a mission of “self discovery.” On this journey she met Kamal and followed him to learn his ways. Tennah is very independant and cheerful, and always willing to lend a hand to those in need. She’s by far the nicest of the authors, but that’s not saying much. If someone takes advantage of her trust, she will get revenge swiftly and brutally.

Sprite sheet credits go to: Gear the Rabbit

Generic the Fan Character Sprite Recolour


Sonic Unleashed was too slowzorz.

An amalgamation of as many bad fan character clichés as could be assembled, Generic the Hedgehog is a mistake. His dialogue and thoughts are expressed mostly in ’tardisms and internet 1337 speak, and he is completely without any substance of personality. He likes to write fanfiction in which he is the central focus and he can resolve all the world’s problems, and is the object of anger and frustration of all around him.

Sprite sheet credits go to: Kamal the Echidna

Jethro, Orlando, Norm, Alice, and Lennier

A.K.A. Loose Change


Jethro, Orlando, Norm, Alice, and Lennie. Five golden Power Rings with philosophical streaks. The five rings have nothing better to do than float there and wait to be collected, and so they kill the time the only way they can: speculate about the nature of their existence and on the physics of the world in which they live. Except for Lennie. He’s the stupid one.

Sprite sheet credits go to: Advance 1 — Turtle474

The authors are copyright themselves. All other characters are copyright SEGA, Archie Comics, and DiC. Anyone missed is hypothetically acknowledged.
Assorted game sprites ripped by us, or obtained from Shadow of a Hedgehog, Angnix, Ren Ramos, The Spriters Resource, Mystical Forest Zone, and the ShyGuy Kingdom. Chaos ripped by DragonGoddess. Omochao ripped by Dave Edwards. Nazgul ripped by Broadus. GUN Unit 1 ripped by Ragey. Jay from Rolling Thunder 3 ripped by Vawackhary. Bean made by Bendilin. Antoine sprites made by mechachu. Skippy sprites made by Tenchin. Ship ripped by TooHyper. Maria made by DragonGoddess. Manic made by Magic Man. Sonia made by SuperMetalSonic. Big the Cat made by Oppola, Reo, and Akuma the Hedgehog. Omega made by the ShyGuy Kingdom. New Omega by Sowia. Tikal made by Tikal. Sonic Heroes stuff made by Akamay the Echidna. Heroes style Metal Sonic made by Dark Sonow. Town stuff made by Enterbrain(TM). Some Sky Sanctuary sprites ripped by louisisbest_007. Professor Gerald Robotnik made by Shadow+Maria-Lover. GUN Soldiers made by Cylent Nite and Killer. Mephiles made by CyberShadow. Other custom characters were made by or edited from aforementioned character sheets by Gear and/or Kamal. Some backgrounds made from images taken from The Sonic Cult.

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