Sonic the Hedgehog Fanfic Generator: Now you too can write your own Sonic fanfics just like any 10 year old idiot on! Fill in the fields and you’re on your way! Also, be on the lookout for special combinations that could just give you special story outcomes!

Birthday by Kamal: Sonic’s father Jules is the last Robian left on Mobius. When his birthday comes around, and all he wants is to be able to feel, what else is there to do?

Comfort Part 1 by G30FF: Two friends, both spurned by their respective loves, seek out comfort in each other’s presence. But what starts as a simple sharing of troubles starts to become something more…

Comfort Part 2 by G30FF: Pursuing a relationship becomes difficult for Sonic and Bunnie. They know their friends would have a hard time accepting it, and if Sally were to find out it might put their friendships in jeopardy. However things take a turn for the worse when the Freedom Fighters catch wind of Dr. Robotnik’s latest scheme.

Through the Looking Glass by G30FF: A month after defeating Eggman and Eggman Nega together, Sonic and Blaze pine after each other’s presence. But when they find a way to see each other in spite of the dimensional barrier it may just cause more trouble than either of them expected.

Old Scores by G30FF: It’s been six years since the EX World Grand Prix, and when a new race is announced to gather the best Extreme Gear racers in the world, the Babylon Rogues jump at the chance to settle their scores with their counterparts. But how will Wave react when she learns Tails is no longer an immature kid, and what does Metal Sonic have planned for Sonic?

The Morning After by G30FF and Shadowangel: When Sonic wakes up next to Amy after a wild party with no memory of how he got there, he’s living on borrowed time as he races to find out just what happened before Amy can catch him and make his drunken promise of marriage come true.

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