Those Awkward Moments

Unthinkable – Those Awkward Moments


Tsk tsk. A widow at seventeen. Such a waste.

In regards to the middle of the road scores for Sonic Unleashed: I don’t believe critics will ever be satisfied with anything Sega turns out Sonic-wise. Ten-to-one if Unleashed used just the day levels, they’d be crying about the gameplay being too repetitive or some other damn thing.

From what I’ve seen on YouTube, this game looks fun. I won’t go into fangasms over anything, but I know I will be entertained. That’s enough for me.


Tuesday Update:

Sorry for the delay, everybody. We’re working on the next comic and have a few more planned out, but things have been busy in real life for all of us recently, and we’re short on time. We will get the next update up soon, if not tomorrow then Thursday, and we should be in a good position to get some more consistent updates coming your way soon. So please bear with us for a little while longer!

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