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Madness – Fire Safety


It seems we have crossed one too many lines in our search for the bigger punchline. I am, of course, referring to Wednesday’s untimely passing of Shadow the Hedgehog.

Despised by the old, revered by young, he was nevertheless a lightning rod, a touchstone, one big fat target, for the entire Sonic fandom. In his image we saw both market metrics gone awry and a revitalization of a stagnant franchise.

And I’d just like to say, if I’d known Wednesday’s comic would generate this much response, I’d have done it sooner.


Okay, calm down, those of you whom I’ve riled. I did that to make a point. That no matter how much you adore a particular chara, there has to be room to be able to laugh at them.

We’ve made fun of Sonic, of Tails, of Knuckles, of Sally, and of everyone else relentlessly. Shadow is not untouchable.

We’re Power Rings. We never take ourselves seriously. And that’s all we ask of you.

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