Hey-La, Hey-La...

Hey-La, Hey-La…


He must be the Anti-Sonic, because the blue blur would never bawl his brains out like that.

It was revealed on Tuesday in the upcoming Sonic Chronicles that Amy’s finally gotten tired of the fangirl routine and found a new beau. One that doesn’t try to run away.

Dare I say, BioWare is making Amy seem rather well adjusted. Or completely fucking up chara dynamic depending on which type of fan you happen to be.

Me, I usually use the fan reaction as a barometer for my personal opinions on upcoming Sonic games. Specifically, the more fans get pissed off about the plot, the more I seem to like it. And, damn, I’m more eager for this game than ever, now!

The smug icing on the vitriolic cake would be for BioWare to announce a Sally cameo. ‘Twill be such a feast on that day!


Bear with me folks. Filler Tuesday evening, and then we should be back on track for Thursday.

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