Too Much of a Good Thing

Wayward – Too Much of a Good Thing


Okay, I have to get this off my chest. After Monday’s comic, we’ve received a few complaints from people upset about how we handled this story. One reader on our forum expressed anger with our use of the word British in place of the word English in our comment, which was an honest mistake on our part as we did not know any better, and that I rectified. Another forum reader was upset by our portrayal of UK Robotnik’s insanity, in that we portrayed him as TOO insane. At the end of the UK comic series, Dr. Robotnik was completely clinically insane and depressed, so I don’t think him spouting gibberish when prompted is too outlandish. And a third reader sent in an email the other day to tell us that they lived in England and that we offended them. They did not leave us any explanation of how we offended them.

Power Rings has hardly had any complaints before this point. This single strip has garnered us more complaints than any strip before it. Yes, all three of them. That I know of. Now, when we started this arc we had no intention of setting out to try and offend anyone reading. We wanted to parody a Sonicverse that we just hadn’t used before, ie. the UK comic, Sonic the Comic. Now, Kamal is the only one of us who has read the entire series, he did so as research for this storyline, and he is also responsible for the dialogue. He found that the UK comic used a good deal of English slang and euphemisms, and as such set out to emulate this in our parody. We did not mean to offend anyone from England or the UK.

In short, we’re sorry if we upset or offended you. We hope that you will continue to read us either way, and in the future, I ask that if you feel the need to write in and express your dissatisfaction with our comic, please tell us what exactly we did that made you so upset in the first place. The last thing I want to do is play a guessing game about things that may be wrong. And if that doesn’t help, take consolation in the fact that this arc is almost over and that we have something better planned for afterward.

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