Generic The Hedgehog

Generic The Hedgehog


Welcome back to us! Yes, after our two week hiatus, we’re finally back. Did ya miss us?

Didn’t think so.

I’ve managed to tweak up the site a bit to make it look just a bit prettier. You’ll note that last Friday’s filler is now posted on the Art page, and that the Art page has a new setup. You will also note that the comments have been changed somewhat, to make it look like we have a cooler news archiving script than we really do. Finally, the forum link has been removed, as it was never really used anyway. Instead, you’ll find an e-mail contact link in its place. What’s next for the future? Possibly a new page appearance, but that’s still in the works. Also, Kamal has vowed to try and post a weekly editorial in the rant page, and we’ll let you know when he actually does. So check back for that.

Anyway, special guest star today, Dan Forden’s head.

This strip of course is my response to bad self insertion characters everywhere. You know who you are. And what’s the moral today? Don’t Do What Generic Hedgehog Does. And if you do, invest in a good kevlar suit.

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