Power Rings 25: The Phantom Parody

Endgame – Power Rings 25: The Phantom Parody


Well, Kamal said that if he ever had to put a lot of work into one of these things again that we should kill him, so… don’t look under the couch.

Anyway, here it is, our 25th comic spectacular! You can all start uncorking your wine bottles. Just make sure to share some with us.


I’m back from the dead! I have seen the Goddess Aurora–and she is one sexy bitch!

Anyway! 25 comics. Back when we thought of Power Rings, we were all just sitting around G30FF’s basement complaining about the state Sonic the Hedgehog had gotten to. Well, G30FF and I were complaining, Gear and Reject were too busy trying to ignore us. Until we started talking about making a webcomic.

Weíd tried this a couple of years ago, to make a webcomic about a surreal videogame store, but we couldn’t seem to keep our enthusiasm up. With Sonic the Hedgehog however, we knew we wanted to do this right away and that we had to do it in sprite format because we were lazy and believed nothing artistic was involved. You want a Sally sprite? Change a few pixels on an Amy. Easy! Need to layout a panel? Cut and paste charas and BGs. We’re not talking rocket science! So we agreed this would be the way to do it.

Then we actually tried to do it.

Now, at the beginning, I had roughly zero experience with Photoshop, so I’m amazed we could produce anything that resembled a comic. And while we could borrow other people’s hard work, for needing BGs and Knothole charas we quickly found out that most of our ideas had either not been thought of before or maybe just weren’t that popular. To wit, no one had sprite sheets of Sally with her longer hairstyle, no one had Sonic’s parents, and–and we found this one especially perplexing–no one had bothered to sprite huge breasts on Tails! I mean, c’mon! Who doesn’t want to see Tails sport massive knockers?

So, Gear went about remedying this artistic shortfall. And G30FF and Reject started brainstorming concepts. And I went about scripting and laying out the suckers. And after even a small number of strips we realized something: anyone who says making a sprite comic isnít hard obviously doesn’t make one.

It takes Gear half an hour whenever we need a sprite that doesn’t exist. One sprite. For me to pick out the sprites and BGs and set up the text and speech balloons takes me an average of four hours. Then there are the countless hours all four of us spend talking, rejecting, and arguing over which ideas to use.

But we did it. We persevered and we have 25 comics to show for it. And now we want a break!

Itís not that weíre sick of this comic. Not by a long shot! We just need time to digest this experience and work out a few logistical problems. Like how to have this comic running without completely ignoring the other pages. Y’know, like we have been. So weíre still going to have content updates, it just not going to be comics for a week or two.

But you can be sure that when we come back, weíre going to be better, funnier, and more absurd than ever before! Plus you should see what we have lined up for our 50th comic!

G’night everybody!

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