Moral High Ground

Empire – Moral High Ground


This is still one of the things I miss from the old Knuckles series, gone, lo, these many years. The echidna society and history that was built up during the book’s run was a great source of amazement for me. And how Knuckles himself was dealt with, a capacity to be hard-headed and mature, bold yet sometimes bashful, a real sense of humour. It’s why he’ll always be my fav, ahead of Sonic by a great margin. And why I’ll always be ticked off with Sega for treating him like they do.


It happened.

It actually happened.

Sonic the Hedgehog is in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Over the last two days, somehow my webhost lost the entire forum DB. I tried to get a backup, but they couldn’t locate any. I was able to repair the forum so it runs again, but unfortunately this means that everything has been lost, including posts and logins. You’ll have to recreate your accounts, but the forum is once again usable. Happy posting!

Can’t reach Kamal, so you’ll probably have to wait until Saturday for the next comic. Sorry, folks!

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