Convenient Distraction

Empire – Convenient Distraction


Kamal’s coming down with a cold, so I put together a quick comic to get the plot moving some.

So… we’re being written out of our own comic? What the crap?

In administrative news, continuing the forum drama of the last week or so, the strangest thing just happened. I woke up this morning and all of a sudden, the old forum had returned. Well, somewhat. It had merged with and overwritten the new forum, and the result was a monumental mess of duplicated boards, most displaying topics where there were really none, messing up all the board categories, duplicating member accounts, and just in general confusing the shit out of me. I have worked to clean up the board, deleting any of the newly created boards and trying to restore order. I deleted duplicated accounts, which all belonged to people who re-registered after the board crash last week, so to those people, your old accounts should now work again. Use those to log in. The good news about all this is that the old posts are all now recovered, apparently. The bad news is that all the posts created in the last week since the board crash are now gone. I’m sorry to everyone for this inconvenience, believe me, if I knew what was going on I’d tell you. For now, keep posting, restart any discussions that were lost, and try to have fun. If anything else weird happens, I’ll keep you informed.

Next story comic on Saturday. Sorry for the delay.

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