Paternal Retard

25 Years Later – Paternal Retard


And thus another generation of absentee fathers is born.

Something struck me as odd while reading M25YL. Knuckles has a daughter and a sorta-wife and never once did he show any kind of…hmm…what’s the word? Love.

He shows concern well enough when Lara locks herself in the bathroom, but the entire conversation plays out like, “Don’t disappoint me and embarass me in front of my friends, pretty please?”

I don’t know if this is somehow Sega’s meddling or Ken’s lack of insight, but twenty-five years is a very long time to stay moody. Lighten up, Knux.


Sorry we’re so late. It would have been up sooner today, but I had two final exams today. I’m gonna go find a place to drop dead now.

Oh, and Kamal has officially caught Gear’s cold as I predicted. We likely won’t have a strip on Friday.

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