Beginning of the End

25 Years Later – Beginning of the End


No. We’re not seriously suggesting that Dan will still be reviewing comics in 25 years’ time. Because we all know he’ll be held in some nice padded room somewhere, and his website set to update his reviews for him with a graphic of Jay Sherman proclaiming, “It stinks!” for every issue.

You can see the effect of 25 years of comicking on myself, as well. After crippling my arms with Carpal-Tunnels’, I had to have them cybernetically replaced. No, they don’t bother me. Works wonders on those pushy salesmen.


The plague of the cold is finally past us, so now we can return to regular updates! That’s assuming any of you are still reading at this point. The activity on the forum would seem to indicate not. But we shall soon see, won’t we?

And yes, that is Kamal after 25 years. It’s frightening to think we’ll still be doing this in 25 years…

In other news, I have an exam on tuesday. Wish me luck.

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