Unsubstantiated Rumors

Unsubstantiated Rumors


Yes, today is just filler. We’re working on a new full strip, and will have it up as soon as we can.

I frequently lurk on Ian Flynn’s message board looking for comic previews and reviews before I get the actual issue. While there, I’ve seen previews for #199, #201, and even #202, but not issue #200. Maybe I didn’t dig hard enough, and I know a preview of the issue is available on the Archie Comics Blog. But between that and the fact that this IS the long-awaited issue #200, reflecting on what could possibly happen has given me pause. Considering the fact that it IS a landmark issue, and that Ian has a tendency to go for status-quo-shattering moves as a general matter, I wouldn’t put something THIS major past him.

Of course I, and everyone else, will have to wait for the book to hit the newsstands. Just remember, if it happens, I totally called it.

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