Spoiler Alert?

Spoiler Alert?


Yep, filler again. Sorry, folks.

Currently, in the Sonic comic, Enerjak, Knuckles’ arch nemesis from his early days, has returned. Only thing is, this time it’s not Demitri, who is currently little more than a floating head in a bubble. There has been plenty of speculation as to who this new Enerjak is, considering that at the same time as Enerjak’s return, Knuckles has disappeared, leading many to make the obvious conclusion: Knuckles is Enerjak.

There are facts that disagree with that idea, though; most notably, I think, that Knuckles’ claws are actually part of his body (and not just glove decorations), while the new Enerjak doesn’t have clawed fists. But that doesn’t stop the speculation. Personally, my money is on Locke or Remmington, but I just know Ian is going to pull the old switcheroo on us all.

Story comic again on Saturday!

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