Couldn’t get all the sprites we needed in time for today, so we’re throwing up a filler for the moment.

Recently, Ryan Drummond, the actor who played Sonic in the Adventure series and Sonic Heroes, announced that he had been replaced. He claimed he only found out he had been replaced after learning that recording for Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic Riders had begun without him being contacted, and making a call to SEGA. SEGA has apparently decided that they want to maintain continuity starting with Shadow the Hedgehog, so from now on, all voice work for Sonic games will be done by the 4Kids english Sonic X cast.

I await the results with mixed feelings.

In administrative news, the forum has been given a major overhaul, along with an updated set of rules. Please read them carefully.

Update: I’m sorry for the lack of update on Monday, and if we have an update on Wednesday, it will probably be late. We’ll make it up to you all, I promise.


Don’t worry, we’d never let Sonic grow up.

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