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For all those who forgot the arc Perfect Match, Lara-Su’s last crush in Power Rings was Vector. And it seems Vector is still a little touchy about it.

So I read the review on Sonic Stadium about their playtest of Sonic and the Secret Rings. As a Wii owner, I’m certainly excited about playing the game, and I’m certainly pleased about how positive the response to the game has been in general. It’s not out yet, but I’m holding out hope that it’s a good game. After all, we need a good Sonic game to wash the taste of Sonic 360 out of our mouths.

One way or another, Sonic and the Secret Rings will have an impact on the future of the Sonic franchise. As Kamal and I discussed earlier tonight, if it does poorly, then Sega could finally clue in that the status quo is no longer cutting it, and devote more effort to producing a better product, or in the worst case scenario, drop Sonic altogether. If it does well, then perhaps Sega will realize that the current Sonic Team just isn’t cutting it, and decide to drop some fresh blood into the development team. Secret Rings should have some lasting impact on the franchise. All that remains to be seen is what impact that will be.

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