Lesser of Two Evils

Young Love – Lesser of Two Evils


Okay, so I have a quick message for anyone who bought the Prima Guide for Sonic and the Secret Rings. It’s filled with lies.

Ignoring the fact that it claims to have an appendix dealing with the Secret Book which it doesn’t have, the stated location of the Fire Souls in Levitated Ruin 1 is wrong. The walkthrough states that the third Fire Soul is in the final tower, between two vines. But the third Fire Soul is actually what the guide calls the second Fire Soul. In fact, the stage map at the beginning of the section shows the REAL second Soul being between their stated second soul and the first. After some exploring, I finally figured out where it was:

After defeating the gargoyle enemy, use Time Break. While in Time Break, the second Soul will be standing on the platform the gargoyle once inhabited.

Prima Games, please, get someone to review your work BEFORE you send it to publisher.

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