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Now that’s how you make a getaway!

Now, I’ll be serious. I have a bit of a problem with Bunnie being able to fly. If anyone can remember her original chara, she used to treat her metal limbs like a disgrace. Far from giving her rocket boots and arm blasters, back then she was lucky if they remained attached throughout the day. The only thing she could rely on them for was some extra strength.

Now contrast that to the one scene in issue 133 where she was able to sink an entire aircraft carrier by herself. And she didn’t even muss her hair.

I understand Archie was only feeding into the fantasy stereotype that robot limbs are supposed to be cool; when I saw a YouTube video about a woman trying out an advanced prosthetic arm, watching her flex articulate fingers, it was neat to look at. But I’m sure, “okay, now attach laser beams onto it,” would be the last thing she’d think about it, if at all.

It just there’s so many unanswered questions about her limbs. Can she feel with them? Can she control how how much strength she applies? Do they make noise that keeps her up at night?

Not, “could she benchpress the Egg Fleet?”


Like today’s update, tomorrow’s update may wind up being later in the day, but there WILL be a comic.

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