The [Repeat Title] Happens

Unthinkable – The [Repeat Title] Happens


So there I was, sitting that night in front of my computer. On the screen I had two different copies of Power Rings 400. One in which they did it. One in which they didn’t. All I needed was the outcome of the coin toss. The phone rang. It was G30FF with the final results. The coin had spoken. And the rest, they say, is history.

Obscurest reference EVAR! If anyone gets this I’ll be truly impressed. Especially since I paraphrased the hell out of it.

But, to be sure, this is rather momentous for our little comic. For 399 issues, variously hinted at, coyly euphemized, or perversely joked about, Sonic has slept around with almost the entire female cast. With two notable exceptions. The reason for this was, well, overlooked until we pointed it out to ourselves. All of us Power Rings authors are very much pro-SonSal (NicoleSal for me! –Tennah) and we’ve never been intimidated into hiding it, except within the pixels of PR it seems. We realized it was more a silent appeasement to SonAmy fans since, let’s face it, they are a rather vocal majority in the fandom.

So why are we now breaking this unwritten, invisible, and ultimately nonbinding commandment? Well, duh! It’s because Power Rings fans fucking ROCK! If after 400 comics we haven’t sent you frothing at the mouth and demanding our heads, I can only conclude that, no matter what, as long as we provide lulzworthy entertainment, you guys are cool with whatever happens.

And if there are any KillSally tards reading, well then this arc is just going to suuuck!

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