Dodged a Bullet

Unthinkable – Dodged a Bullet


Recently some people have been publishing, let’s say, less than favourable reviews of Sonic Unleashed. Now I’m going to spare you a long winded rant and just say this: play it for yourself.

Form your own opinion and then express it in the calmest manner you can muster. Here’s mine: “This is a generally good game with a few minor flaws and a couple not so minor, all of which can be overlooked by the game’s merits.”

If you wish to elaborate, do so, and only after someone asks you first. Trust me. (Anything to keep the internet from collapsing under the weight of the human race’s collective emotional baggage.)


Tuesday Update:

We haven’t had time to do a full Christmas storyline like we usually do, but fear not! Tonight or tomorrow we’ll have something up for the holidays!

Wednesday Update:

Please forgive us if we’re late this time, since we’re all busy making merry.

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