This Is Strip No. 420

This Is Strip No. 420


Ha ha…drug culture…

Sonic Universe #2. Ho-lee-crap, was this the best story I’ve seen from Ian since he started his reign.

Quick summation. Shadow contracts some backup from Sonic. Seems a [Dr. Evil quotes]Giant Laser[/Dr. Evil quotes] is poised to obliterate the FFs’ temp camp within Eggman’s borders and half the surrounding city. Yeah, Doc R’s sanity is falling to Fleetway levels over here. So Shads, Blue, and Rouge do some old-timey espionage. Folded into the action are some quick flashbacks to major Dark Story plot points from SA2.

And that’s it. That’s the whole plot. Very few punches are thrown. The usual reams of exposition are nowhere to be found. The dialogue felt totally natural. If not for the Faker and the Bat, I’d almost thought I stumbled into an episode of SatAM.

Ian, for the love of Aurora and all things sacred, keep writing like this! I beseech thee!

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