The Sixth Update of Christmas

The Twelve Updates of Christmas – The Sixth Update of Christmas


6th: Yes, now you know the horrible truth. Not everything we come up with can be turned into a whole comic. So we thought we’d give you an extra gift and let you see the scraps in our notebooks. Don’t you feel special?

5th: The sad part? That is an actual conversation between myself and Gear.

1st: Ah, the Internet. Letting us avoid our girlfriends since 1995. If we…had…girlfriends…that is.


6th: For those who don’t know, Sammy and SEGA have merged their holdings into Sammy-SEGA. Sammy, of course, is the creative mind behind the Guilty Gear saga of fighting games. This is old news, but we never got to devote an entire strip to this joke, so it had to go somewhere.

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