The Fourth Update of Christmas

The Twelve Updates of Christmas – The Fourth Update of Christmas


Yeesh. We’re hitting an all time low for depravity in this strip. Didn’t anyone tell these guys it’s supposed to be Christmas?

So much for taking it easy this month. This project is shaping up to be larger than Power Rings 25 and by the end of the year we’re only a couple of weeks away from Number 50. And I’m working on a new FanFic. And I’m trying to get some downloadable Christmas goodies ready for you lucky readers. And we’re trying to get some promotional stuff done for one of these Top 100 lists.

Why am I giving away our secrets? I hope you asked!

Drop us a line. Give us advice on what kinds of Power Rings wallpapers you would like to download. Or which Top 100 list we should join. Or anything else you would like to see grace our pages.

Merry Christmas!

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