The Eleventh Update of Christmas

The Twelve Updates of Christmas – The Eleventh Update of Christmas


Well, we’ve almost wrapped up our twelve updates of Christmas. So much for having an easy month. More work has gone into these comics than our Endgame parody.

But good things have happened because of it, as well. Assembling the comics have become a lot faster, even if the creation of custom sprites haven’t. Power Rings is getting more exposure on Google, giving us more readers this month than our first few combined. So at least we know you’re coming back.

What does all this mean? Yep! Another vacation! Yay! Of course, this timeónow that this no longer seems like some kind of vanity projectówe will be using this time to try and spruce up the pages a bit. And I could use the time to finish up my sophomore attempt at Sonic FanFiction. And get one decent full-size banner going.

So, after Friday’s update, we’ll see you in a week or two.

Merry Christmas!


Friday’s will be up in the afternoon. Gear’s busy sleeping on the job. Happy Holidays, peeps!

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