Sonic Is a Dick

Sonic Is a Dick


You know, I hear a lot about peoples’ high expectations for Blaze the Cat of Sonic Rush, the official title for Sonic DS. Some people believe that Blaze’s purpose is to appeal to a broader female base by giving them a strong female character they can identify with. But given SEGA’s track record for female characters, I don’t hold my breath. What do we know about her? She’s a queen of an alternate dimension, and she looks perpetually angry. I have a feeling she’s not gonna get much more personality than that, and I have a feeling that Blaze will just wind up being another love interest for Sonic, just like Amy. Because as Kim Possible has proven, a guy and a girl CAN’T just be friends.

I say to SEGA, stop creating new characters until you develop real personalities for your existing ones.


If you haven’t already, check out Sega’s official E3 site for some decent Sonic Rush info.

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