Power Rings 300 - Madness?!

Power Rings 300 – Madness?!


Hey, at least it’s not 300 Sonic clones.

“How cool are you?”



It’s finally here! Our 300th update! Sorry for the inevitable disappointment!

Oh, and PLEASE don’t post this on Ian Flynn’s forum.

And now, we’re going on vacation. I know what a lot of you are thinking, that it feels like we’ve already BEEN on vacation, but I assure you that hasn’t been the case. We’ve been working consistently trying to finish this update, between our previous idea falling apart and then having to create this. That, and things just aren’t working out now. When we began Power Rings, we didn’t think we’d be around this long, to be honest. Also, back then, we had more time. Now we’re running low on time and in some cases drive. As a result, the comic has suffered. We’ve hardly been able to make two updates a week, let alone three. Well, we want to change that.

Power Rings is not going to end. Hell, Sega recently revealed the new characters in the upcoming Sonic Rush Adventure (CAPTAIN FUCKING WHISKER). We can’t stop NOW. Not when Sega keeps throwing this stuff at us. All this means to you is that we’ll be rethinking how we do the comic. When we return, we may cut the update schedule down to about twice a week to see if that helps any, and some behind-the-scenes processes will change. But when we return, we’ll be delivering the same irreverant, sick, twisted, diabolical humour you’ve come to expect from Power Rings.

Power Rings will return officially around May 24. But between then and now, expect to see a couple of fillers by friends of the comic to celebrate this milestone!

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