Family Ties

Perfect Match – Family Ties


Okay, technically it’s still Saturday, and there’s a comic. So I didn’t lie to you. A-heh heh…ahem.

Anyway, this week’s Incentive Zone is also available for your voting pleasure, so I think we’ve covered everything. See you in a week!


I just wanna say that helmet rocks! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy…like steel…


Just so it’s still on the main page, now that I’ve archived the guest strip, I’m reposting Kamal’s update explaining what’s happening to us this week:

Holy crap! Okay, I know G30FF (and more than likely a few of you) are going to get pissed hearing me say this, but I can’t work around it any longer. Power Rings is going to take a short break next week while I finish up the last of my school projects before break. Gear has told me he still wants to get Incentive Zone put out tomorrow (Saturday) so there will be a regular comic to accompany it and then PR will return on July 18th.

Just to show you that I’m not trying to snow you (does anyone use “snow you” anymore?) if you hop over to the forum next week, I’ll be showcasing the fruits of my Macromedia labours.

Otherwise, see you in a week!

In other news, I’m back. Yaaaaaaay.

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