One Year Anniversary Flash Presentation

One Year Anniversary Flash Presentation


Sometimes I ask myself if we carry jokes like this just one step too far. But then again, whatever works for us.

Happy one year anniversary!


I know, I know. Here you are expecting something grand and we resort to a cheap pun. It’s just I’ve never been good with birthdays. Most times I have to check my birth certificate to remember how old I am. And I’m only…hang on…here it is…carry the 1…twenty-sevenóno, wait, it’s not Octoberótwenty-six years old!

So these chonologically based milestones are never that memorable for me. But, rest assured, that when we roll out some flash goodies, you’re gonna crap your pants saying, “I waited three years for this?” I’m joking of course. Ha ha.

Who really knows where Power Rings will go in the next year. I know I don’t because I never saw us making it as far we have. But I think that’s a good thing. It preserves the spontinaity you’ve come to expect from us. Because even though we might not have a vision, we haven’t failed to make ourselves laugh yet.

So, with that tradition in mind, expect Wednesday’s comic to be a little late. Ha ha.

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