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So Sonic Unleashed is apparently going to have hub worlds again, and force you to chat with NPCs to find the entrances to new stages. Now, I haven’t played it myself, but I’ve seen what happened when Sonic 2006 tried to implement hub worlds. The result was some of the most god awful, unnecessary load times I’ve ever witnessed. I sincerely hope that someone at Sega learned from that mistake, and that Sonic Unleashed will not be plagued by similar problems. It’s got enough problems already, it doesn’t need more of THAT.

And yes, a gratuitous Zelda II joke. I think somewhere along the way, every comic involving video games makes a reference to that line at some point. I guess it was just our time.

We might be late Thursday, so if we are, check back Friday! In the meantime, do check out this new trailer for Sonic Unleashed. It’s got some actual gameplay footage of Sonic the Werehog, and his amazing stretching arms.

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