Misinformation War

Misinformation War


You know what the sad part about this comic is? These are all real complaints I’ve heard from Sally-haters.

Now we here at Power Rings may skewer Sonic and his friends from time to time, but this is merely to parody. As in, it’s all meant in jest. But when I found a group that I will not identify but merely refer to as the Pill Tally Flub, I have to say I was rather repulsed.

At first, I thought they were joking around, like we do on occasion, but they were acting in all seriousness. To think there was a Flub of people that hated Tally so much, they wanted to Pill her!

Logistics of said enterprise aside, what is the point? I can’t like every single chara that’s ever popped out of the Sonic universe, and I don’t expect everyone else to do the same. But if you don’t like a chara, then don’t like them. But that doesn’t give you the right to demand they no longer exist.

Now we may catch flak for posting this comic. You may be readying an email right now, and are scanning these words to find something you can use against me. I can handle that. I have never hidden my preference for Sally. But that’s all it is. A preference. I’d never consider demanding the head of Amy or Mina or Fiona or any other chara that happens to cross paths with Sonic in the future.


You’ll notice I’m not there. You may also notice Tennah’s not there. Think about it.

That’s right, we were on a covert operation to switch the slide shows. What were YOU thinking?

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