The Awakening

House of S – The Awakening


OMG! Female Shadow! And she’s NAKED! Alert the media!!

You know, I don’t think King Sonic would need any more concubines, what with every other female in the Sonicverse pretty much throwing themselves at him. But hey, what do I know?

More on Thursday!

Oh, and some important news. The old YaBB script I used for the Power Rings forum was giving me a ton of trouble in the last couple of months. Corrupting threads, dropping members, etc. So finally I changed forums to one that should hopefully be more reliable. The good news is that I was successfully able to migrate all of the old posts, boards, threads, and users to the new script. All the links on the site have been updated to point to the new board. Just log in with your old accounts and you’ll be all set. The old board will remain up for one week, after which point I will be deleting it, so make sure you update your bookmarks before then!


Well, it finally happened. Yours truly has finally landed his ass in a job. And with such a reality comes some unfortunate news. Power Rings will now have to update on a Monday-Thursday-Saturday schedule. Yes, I know this is shocking news, and none of you were prepared for this eventuality. This is just how it has to be. I only hope you’ll continue to visit out of nostalgia for Wednesday and Friday.

A brave new world awaits. (i.e.: We get to miss updates on wholly different days of the week!)

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