Believing His Own Hype

Family Legacy – Believing His Own Hype


Who are the Bem you may ask? Well once upon a time most of the mobians were roboticized and working for Robotnik. Then they were rescued. Then recaptured. Then re-rescued again. Finally, one of the writers wanted to put that plot point out of it’s misery, so “Poof” went logic and they had aliens fix them. Except Jules. Because apparently his health insurance had expired. I think I made that last part up.

Anywho, another Saturday in may means another trip to Incentive Zone. And today’s pic is Tails-tan! Let’s see if Power Rings can crack the top twenty!


Gear’s birthday is this thursday. To celebrate, he got a PS3. Kamal decided it was the perfect opportunity to get himself Sonic 2006, for some ungodly reason. Between these two events, we don’t have a comic for monday, and will be updating again on thursday. I just hope Kamal survives that long.

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