Everything New Is Old Again

Everything New Is Old Again


While regarding the phenomenon of the Sonic Cycle I began to notice another pattern of behaviour within the Sonic community. Namely, as you can see above, take whatever Sega does and dump on it like some furrie mutation of the Comic Book Guy syndrome (or would that be anti-furrie?). And I think they all work at IGN.

Obviously Tennah doesn’t hate all those game, she just agreed to be a stand-in for the whiners while I play the apologists.

Okay, different news. We suck. Wait, I said “news.” Right: In an effort to no longer suck and get something resembling an update around here, we’d like to open up the floor to our readers for a couple of weeks for another round of guest strips. We’ll post ’em as fast as we can get them for the first half of March while G30FF and I overhaul the site itself to add some extra functionality that our current archiving script is severely lacking.

To drive this point home your submissions must follow one theme: Sonic 4. Make your best gags about the new game and show them off to the world.

To make sure your strip is seen email it to us using the Contact button at the top of the site, or load it up to photobucket or wherever and PM me or G30FF in the forum. And make sure to use the subject “Sonic 4 Guest Comic Submission.”

Happy comicking!

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