Shady Deals

Empire – Shady Deals


Potto: “You see, Sonic? Even when I lose I still win!”

So what will happen now that Nicole has control over an entire city? We’ll both have to wait for that answer. This will be the last time we’ll be seeing Ian for a while. We could continue skewering him with out considerable wit, but everyone deserves a reprieve. ^_^


And thus, this arc is done. Thank God.

Don’t expect full comics for the rest of this week until at least next Monday. I’ve got exams all this week, and we’re working on something for next week. But in the meantime, we’ll be getting fillers up for the rest of this week!

I’m very sorry today’s update was late. We actually did have it ready last night, but we had some technical difficulties, and I couldn’t upload it until today. My bad.

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