Did You Catch the Licence Plate...?

Did You Catch the Licence Plate…?


You knew we had to say something about the new guy, right?

When Sega released their first look at Silver, I could almost hear the collective “Groan!” from the fanbase. Why is there no pleasing some people? Silver looks to offer some substantial platforming, but all anyone can say is that he looks like a bad fan chara. The FMVs have been getting increasingly detailed over the years, but now the fans say it looks ripped off from Final Fantasy. (As if that wasn’t a good thing.) And of course, “OH NOES! TEH SHADOW CAR!”

Why is there no pleasing the Sonic fan?

I’d like to know where you stand as a fan. Here’s a thread in our forum about which games you thought were good and which should be tossed into a flaming volcano.

On another note, sorry about the lack of Incentive Zone recently. Gear is working on a big project for school. Between that and work, his free time is non-existent. He’ll be finished soon; wish him luck!

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