Settling In

Christmas Vacation – Settling In


Now that the gang’s on vacation, let’s see what everyone’s up to, shall we?

First off, we’ve decided that Blaze and Silver will become regular characters. Sonic 360 portrayed them as having a little brother/older sister relationship, but we realized that the game probably didn’t provide the necessary room to explore that issue. So we’re going to rectify that by giving them a REAL brother/sister relationship. He’s obnoxious, she’s pissed.

Bunnie and Antoine, I think, speak for themselves.

And as for Sonic and Sally… I cannot honestly remember the last time Sonic said more than two words to Sally in the last year or so. It’s a wonder he even recognizes her with all the making out he’s been doing with Fiona.


I don’t think Shadow-chan plays charades very well.

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