Bait and Switch

Can You See the Difference? – Bait and Switch


When one door closes, another door opens. And for Sonic, those doors tend to lead to epic dickery.

So what horrible fate is in store for Knuckles now that Sonic has a horrible plan? The answers coming… later, because this arc is done. Ha! You’ll notice we didn’t change Cream back. That’s right, folks, she’s going to be staying this way for the foreseeable future. Kamal and Gear have just grown so attached to her. I think it’s the boobies.

Also, for those who tried to access the forum earlier today and were greeted with an error message, sorry about that. A temporary problem that has been resolved.

Bit of a delay for Saturday. Needed some new sprites. We’ll get the next comic up ASAP, either Sunday or Monday!

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