Bada ba ba bah...

Bada ba ba bah…


Poor little rings. Fast becoming the maginalized items of the Sonic Continuum.

Speaking of which, I hope to hell somone denies this rumour but G30FF tells me that with the newest generation of Sonic games coming out for the 360 and Revolution and whatnot that Yuki Naka is going to completely rehash the franchise and reboot Sonic’s history. That this new game, more or less, is going to be like an adaptation of Sonic 1. Now granted the series has had its missteps over the years, but is that any reason to say to us old school fans, “Yeah, about those games you love so much? Didn’t happen.”

Is this because Naka is peeved that he wasn’t in control of the original Sonic the Hedgehog? That he has to completely wipe out everyone’s vision save his own?

When I saw the new model for Sonic I was impressed at how much Sega improved since their first attempts on the Dreamcast. But, if this is truly just Sonic 1 with a fresh coat of paint, does that mean we don’t get to see Tails or any of the others?

Someone please tell me I’m wrong about all this…


It looks like Kamal’s close to having a nervous breakdown. So we’re taking a couple of days off of the comic. We’ll return next monday.

I know I said we’d return Monday, but we encountered a bit of delay. However! We will be updating three times this week, so check back with us Tuesday for the update that would have gone up today.

All right, I’m a lying son of a bitch. We’ll get something up later today… I hope…

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