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So sharp, yet so clueless. Ah, Knuckles. Never change.

Yesterday in our forums one member suggested that Amy should try to use Bunnie–yeah, that way–to get Sonic’s attention. While that would certainly grab attention, and I did consider it for a moment, I have much more twisted plans in mind. But to that forummer I say, seeing your words makes working on this comic worthwhile. I salute you!

In other news, I came across a wonderful community on deviantArt that recently started its own website. One of my long term goals as a Sonic fan is to eliminate the stupid from the fandom. The stupid rivalries, the stupid pride and superiority that so many stupid fans possess these days. And this site really speaks to that part of myself. The Protection of Sally Acorn recognizes that there should be enough room for everyone in the fanbase to exist without trying to eliminate an entire portion of it just so they can feel better about themselves.

As I’ve said, over and over again, I’m an unabashed Sally fan. So when I see Sally snuff art and snuff fics, I admittedly get upset. But when I read comment after comment on those boards about the justification for their hatred, I have to wonder if we’re talking about the same Sally. Then I learn that most of those replying have never seen a SatAM episode or comic issue and I throw up my arms in disbelief.

That’s why The Protection of Sally Acorn is so important. They have nothing against any of the other chara in the Sonic multiverse. All they want to do is cut through the noise and bullshit that’s built up around the anti-Sally issue. That’s why I’d like to urge all Power Rings readers to visit TPOSA and browse through their site and forums. If you’re a SatAM or Archie fan, this is a welcome port in the storm of stupid. If all you know of Sally is what other people have said, this is a great place to at least hear the other side of the argument.

Long live Sally!

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