Robot Paste

A Friend In Need – Robot Paste


And thus endeth Metal Sonic’s adventures…for now. Perhaps we’ll have something in the future if this segment proves popular enough.

Oh, and expect Gear’s latest Incentive Zone this afternoon.


I guess I’ve received enough requests that it’s time to do something that I’ve been apprehensive about. Vote for our comic today and you’ll receive a small portion of my Sally sprite sheet.

The reason I’ve held onto these for so long is that I’ve always kept fiddling with the pixels and didn’t want versions of my sprites floating around the Internet that I’m not happy with.

That said, please don’t start begging me for more. If I’m going to release any more, you’ll hear about it here.

Yadda yadda yadda, Gear.


Well, we’re gonna miss Monday’s update. We will return on Wednesday though.

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