Plan of Action

25 Years Later – Plan of Action


Of course, the best way to patch up plotholes is to make sure they never happen in the first place. But, oh, well.

Maybe it’s just a limitation of any serialized media. I know the fastest way to write yourself into a corner is to not have a clear idea of where to have your charas end up, a Point “B” they can travel to. But with a beast like Sonic the Hedgehog you can’t have a Point “B.” If you did, the comic would be over.

This doesn’t mean I think the book should end. Just have the writers act as if it was. It would probably get them to tighten up their writing. I mean, look at shows like Enterprise. This season has arguably been the best, and why? Because the writers know they won’t have a chance to work on it again. And I wonder what Archie would do if they imagined themselves in the same position.

And then I usually wind up in fits of laughter. But, oh, well…

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