Chaos Blast!

Chaos Blast!


Just give me a couple of days. I just need a fix.


Whoa! What the hell happened to the page?! Well, glad you asked. And if you didn’t, how come?

After having the same layout for about a year, we decided it was time for a change. So starting today, behold the brand new Power Rings! A few changes from the old layout, my personal section is gone and so is the Rants page. All the old rants are now located on the Forum, and all future rants will go there as well. We also have a new link to Incentive Zone, which also has its own archive page now. Just click the Incentive Zone link button and you’ll find it.

The pages have been changed up a bit too. On the Links page, you’ll find four, count ’em, FOUR banners of ours to choose from! We sure like those animated banners, huh? The Cast page now has Jem included, and has been broken up into sub groups of characters. The Art page has been given the biggest overhaul. Four new pictures are now up, one from Knucells, two from Oni Aeon, and one from Chalo of Las Lindas fame! We also have a new fanfic up, by yours truly. The sequel to the fanfic I wrote some time ago. It’s a lot longer, but I hope you enjoy anyway!

Finally, we have a new affiliate as you can see on the right. If you are interested in affiliating, send us an email with “Affiliate Request” in the subject line so we know you’re not trying to sell us diplomas. I believe that covers it. If you find any problems with the new layout, send us an email or let me know on the forum and I’ll get right on it.

Regular comic will return on Friday. See you then!

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