The Ninth Update of Christmas

The Twelve Updates of Christmas – The Ninth Update of Christmas


6th: You know what I hate the most? Archie finally made Elias’ chara bearable, and now we haven’t seen him in almost a year because, hey, Archie thinks we’d rather read about a frickin’ turtle. What I wouldn’t give to see Sonic the Hedgehog as a bi-weekly. Maybe then Archie can focus on a few other charas once in a while.

5th: These rings are turning out to be the funniest charas I’ve written for. We’ve got to use them somewhere else in the future.

2nd: We are so going to hell…

1st: It makes sense to me. Sonic has celebrity status on Mobius. Why wouldn’t there be video games about him there, as well?


2nd: He he he… Inner Amy. Watch Naruto, people.


8th: All remote controls must have one button that performs any conceivable task; these are the laws of the cartoon universe…

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