What a Twist!!

Madness – What a Twist!!


Ever since Ian Flynn took over writing duties of the comic, all of his stories have been devoted to tying up loose ends (we refer to it as “house cleaning”) created by Karl Bollers and Ken Penders. In many instances, though, this has meant killing off a good deal of characters. For instance, all the characters trapped in Robotnik’s Egg Grape contraptions are dead, particularly Remington, many echidnas and Dark Legion members, and all the Fire Ants minus Archimedes. In resolving the Sword and Crown deal, he killed Sir Connery who used his last bit of strength to destroy both items (which, by extension, means the Source of All is probably gone). The Ancient Walkers were killed. Uma Arachnis’ children were killed. M was destroyed. Nack’s gang are supposedly dead.

Needless to say, Ian’s time in the comic has been one hell of a killing spree.

So when it came time for us to decide on a killer, we knew we had only one choice.

Arc concludes Friday!

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