He Ate the Red Ones Last

He Ate the Red Ones Last


The owner of the voice to whom Sonic referred as Fiest is a 200ft tall magical panda (no, seriously) that we have no intention of spriting right now. Hence, the disembodied voice.

One could make the argument that, as head writer, Ian pretty much does own the universe at this point, and as such has left a large impression on the comic. An extraordinary feat considering his short tenure so far, and the talent he replaced. At the same, however, he seems to be restraining himself, holding back his full might for some reason. We’ve gone though his “housecleaning” phase–trimming the overwhelming cast list–and now we’re into what I call his “realignment” phase–introducing all the elements and rules of Ian’s vision of Sonic’s universe. But I don’t feel we’ve gotten to the good stuff yet. On Sonic’s part in all this, it feels like he stuck in a holding pattern, moving around, letting us see what he thinks of the changes, but not fully participating in the events.

From the looks of things, though, Ian is planting the seeds of his final phase, the “milestone” phase, which, by the way things are moving, will be one cataclysmic event or another that will most likely overshadow the events of the comic well into the 200s. A long introduction to be sure, these three phases. (Part of me wishes he would just hurry up already! ^^;;) But it does seem to indicate Ianóand likewise Mike Pelleritoóis thinking about the long term. At least someone finally is.


Witness the return of Ian Potto!

You know, I had to wonder for a moment how Feist could have possibly needed all the Chaos Emeralds in the universe but seven to recreate the Zone of Silence, especially when past comic lore has shown us that you don’t even need a full Chaos Emerald to create a new Zone (Triple Trouble special). There seemed to be only one logical conclusion: Ian paid him off.

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