Author, Author!

Author, Author!


I hope you’ll all forgive me for this, but it’s been very cathartic.

I know there are some people here who have found Power Rings through my account on Whenever I write something, I post it up there too to promote the comic. I also know there are many people there who wonder why I don’t write more. The reason is simple: I like to try and write believable stories, using the actual characters, not completely butchering their characters to make them fit some fanboyish fantasy involving them at school or meeting me personally or what have you. I spend a lot of time when I sit down to write debating in my head how best to write for the characters, as people I’ve used as idea sounding boards will attest. And yet, it’s mostly for naught.

Anyone who visits or posts on will understand immediately the points I’m trying to hammer home in this comic. If not, just visit the Sonic section of the site for a few minutes, and you will. Oh, you will. Though I don’t particularly recommend it.

Also, for anyone who has been there before, can someone explain to me this strange fascination some Sonic fanfic writers have with making the characters into werewolves or vampires?

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